Back To The Past With White Ruffle Bedding Review

Nowadays, there are a lot of bedding products that you can purchase from the market, like those at beddingchecker. For this matter, you might want to go with a White Ruffle Bedding. There are several features that can be taken advantage of when such item will be used. Prior to making any purchase of this kind, you should first be reading the pros and also the cons if you will be utilizing such product.

Made from 100% Polyester

Polyester is known for its strong resistance to chemicals, shrinking, and abrasion. For this matter, there is an assurance that the bedding is durable and will surely be lasting for a long duration of time.

Ruffle Design

This bedding has a lot of ruffles on the surface. In this manner, it makes very fun to look at and ideal to be used for your little daughter. It would make her feel like a princess while she is sleeping comfortably in it.

White Color

It is also featured in a white color. White is typically associated with purity and cleanliness. It has a clean feel to it and makes your bed look clean and elegant. With that said, you will also feel more relaxed whenever you will be using such item.


Washable – Even though the item gets dirty easily, you can immediately wash it anyway. This is easy to wash. You can just put it into the machine and wash it with cool water. Afterwards, you need to be tumbling it dry low.
Aesthetics – Because it looks elegant, classy, and beautiful, the product will definitely be a nice addition to the aesthetics of your own bedroom.


Easily Gets Dirty – Because of its white color, it can easily get dirty. Generally, you will have to be more careful when you are around such thing so that you will not be the reason why it gets dirty.
Loses Beauty After One Wash – Many users have reported that the item loses its beauty only after washing the item once. They mentioned that the material that is present inside the item tends to get bunched up and clumped together.
Ruffles Do Not Cover the Item – The ruffles do not cover the whole item. Instead, the item is only ruffled at around one-fourth of the entire product.
Limited Sizes – The sizes are also limited. The item may only be available for a full sized bed or a twin sized bed. If you have either a king or queen sized bed, then, the item may not be suitable for such piece of furniture.


The features presented are only some of the most common features that this product is offering to the customers. You should make sure that you will be thoroughly weighing down the pros and cons in order to make a sound decision with your own purchase. As for the size, it is recommended that you order a size that is bigger than your bed. For instance, if you have a twin sized bed, then, you should purchase a full size bedding. This way, the ruffles will be hanging on the edges.